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7 Responses to “Chapter 11 // Episode 21”

  1. MC JB says:

    Epic webcomic guys.
    I only discovered it yesterday 11pm… and know I’m here already. I thinks that says everything!

  2. Lixus says:

    Awesome! Thanks for letting us know! And be sure to click the Facebook Share Button under the Comic 🙂

  3. Kapam says:

    Thanks for the praises, we realy appreciate it!
    Make sure to tell your friends about us! 🙂

  4. Djed Moros Chief Barista of the Finely Grounded Guild says:

    “We have no more cookies.”

  5. Der Lukas says:

    Look at the Fun they’re having!

  6. olli. says:

    mad props for the matching background.

  7. *stumbles in with a fresh plate of cookies*

    And now we HAVE cookies *giggles*…but the cake was a lie!

    Fun, Games and Cookies proudly brought to you by the Jawsmithery Guild and its High Priest

    Hooray for the magique colors and Leia outfits^^

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