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7 Responses to “Chapter 1 // Episode 32”

  1. Lucas says:

    nice one, yet its spelled “knowledge” I guess (fourth picture) … oh, I love being stuffy 🙂

  2. Kapam says:

    Yeah, yeah… You know we DO have bigger things to take care of here then proper spelling

  3. olli. says:

    also, it’s convEnient. love you guys though.

  4. Joe says:

    I believe that in a world where aliens linger in the streets, the language may not quite be same as in our grey and mono-species world and I am totally ready to accept “knowlege” and “convinient” and I’m pretty sure that was all intentional, and if only to find out who the eager-beavers are.

  5. Feri says:

    hmm… I also think you were looking for the comparative “than” in your comment Mr Kapam: “[…]here then proper spelling”

  6. Kapam says:

    Yeah, and I also think that I still dont care. Eager-beaver.

  7. BjW says:

    Well he certainly does look like a Justin, there is this one famous musician of that name that looks exactly like him.

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