We’re super sorry to do this to you, but before we can get into the thick of it (and it’s getting preeeetty thick indeed) we’re gonna need to take a short break!

Which is actually no break at all, because we’ve been working on what’s happening in the coming weeks. That’s why there’s not even a Teevee oder Intermission episode. There’s nothing…

Well… nothing except… some awesome new Bison & the Boar Boys comics! Haven’t checked out the second season yet? You better do it now!

And the latest Other Tales Episode, readable over on Patreon right now!*

We’ve also concluded our 10th Other Tales Voting! 

And the winner is Dorianne Grey, so be prepared to see her kick that law-monstrosities butt!

(*if you’re a “Secret Circle Confidant” patron or above)

Alright, that’s it. Sorry about this. We see you next week!

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