It’s that time again! We’re doing a short vacation (like for real, by plane in another country and all that) but will be back soon-ish!

We’re gonna be back on May 19th!

Stay fresh, stay healthy, don’t do too much drugs until then!

4 Responses to “On vacation // BRB”

  1. MC JB says:

    What’s a “plane”? Do you mean by avi-vessel?

  2. Kapam says:

    Kinda! It’s similar to an avi-vessel, but also very different and rather old-school-looking. Don’t ask me how they’re supposed to work, (no air-sail, no drive-train…) but somehow they manage!
    Probably some kind of magique!

  3. freakedfollower says:

    …I don’t get it.
    As meaningless and flat, as a house without a thatch.

    Like throwing stones together. Did you get stoned maybe? What else is there to do on a plane??
    Maybe it’s a kind of teleport for the mind, where you just focus on the horizon and inch a little closer. but then you actually have to walk it anyway.
    There’s good planes in this country, too, I guess. That’s what the country is typically made of, isn’t it! planes. Just laying there, being there, and some folks living in it. middle of nowhere in particular. bizarre. the distance makes you zone out after a while.

    So, it’s probably a bit like Bison terrain.

  4. Kapam says:


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