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By the way, this poll will be open until Sunday, September 23rd.

14 Responses to “It’s that time again! We want you to…”

  1. Jussuf says:

    E, its definitely E!!!!

  2. BIEGER says:

    heilige kloetenscheisse! auf jeden fall E, ja!

  3. Der Lukas says:

    Also C wäre ja quasi Baruch Caan ohne Brille. Da bin ich dagegen, das wäre eher mal was lustiges für zwischendurch!

  4. Shawn_get_it_on! says:

    yup, E. Take E. Take it.

  5. Phil says:

    Hm, somehow I like A…

  6. Djed Moros says:

    Still, a Baruch clone would be awesome.

  7. A is my personal favorite but still I understand why most of you people tend to E for it´s the obvious choice.

    But in this case Sneaky needs something discreet, something to blend into the masses.

    The Barch Caan Clone C seems also to be a logical choice but B.C. (my Great Guild Leader btw^^) is also a too well known face around the DUF guys.

    I don´t know why but I dislike B somehow and D is kinda like Black Guy 2.0.

    So my choice is still A but I can live with E and especially C for copy is the greatest aspect of respect^^

  8. Kapam says:

    Andrej makes a lot of sense…

  9. When it starts making sense…RUN!!!^^

    Finally to hear that something I wrote makes sense…*sniff*…such great great honor…never heard that before…thanks Kapam^^

  10. BIEGMICH says:

    fcuk REASON, fuck favorites, take E!

  11. Joe says:

    I am kinda into noses.. and B-Guy’s nose is the best by far!
    Dislike B?? Not in my town!

  12. A with B´snose would be awesome…but his hair´s to nice-looking for our beloved anonymous shapeshifter 😉

  13. jow says:

    why is there no asian option ?
    Now there are always dark skinned people involved but not our friends from far east with a more yellowish skincolor and the slit eyes!

  14. Kapam says:

    This isn’t an answer you’re looking for.
    Go on.

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