So, these last two weeks were a blast. Thanks to everyone who showed up a the CS18 and drank heavily with us! You are the best, and made our days! (sorry, but no one can remember anything about the nights) But, uhm, it was also pretty exhausting… So, due to the extreme wiped-outness and severe sleep deficits, our “short” break gets an extension of one week… (yeah, yeah, we’re getting oldish) Sorry about that! We’ll be back on June 20th.

“A break? Again?! Without at least some shitty intermissions?! An outrage!”

– Tale of Fiction-Fan

It totally is! But it’s for a good cause!

Because we’ll be a the Comic Salon Erlangen 2018 this week! 

Come by our table and share some delicious shots and quality time with the creators of Tale of Fiction! Us! You know we’re good for it! There’ll also be a new batch of longpapes, sweet lighters and our usual hot goods available!

Find us in Hall C, Stall 102! (it’s actually that huge tent in the Schlossgarten behind the Schlossplatz) We’ll be there on Thursday (31.) from 4 to 6 pm, and Friday (1.) from 2 to 6 pm.


We’ll be back with regular episodes on June 14th. (yeah, sorry, but Kili is doing this other thing in Berlin with his performance group Kastenwesen in the subsequent week and is totally super busy. Feel free to drop by if you’re from the area and here’s more info on the Flüsterpostkosten.)

Stay frosty, stay fresh, stay sneaky!


3 Responses to “Early Summer Break // EXTENSION”

  1. mcjb says:

    Have fun you guys!

  2. Der Lukas says:

    But are we going to meet up with you in Erlangen, mcjb…? 🙂

  3. MCBuhl says:

    I’ll be there somewhen on Friday.
    BTW, still looking for a place to rest the night Fri to Sat. Any ideas anyone?

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