Also, the recap for Chapter 11 is online! Check out the Archive Section.

Thanks for participating in the voting for Sneaky’s new humanform! Unfortunately it lead up to a (very surprising) tie between choice A and E, which now leaves the final decision to the SCPDC (Sneaky Character and Personality Development Committee) (which would be us) after all. Stay tuned and be surprised. Well, maybe.

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4 Responses to “Chapter 12 // Episode 2”

  1. Djed Moros - Chief Barista of the Finely Ground Guild says:

    What a perfect depiction of the post-production gully that swallows me every time I finish a major project. And it’s always the same time when every sucker in the phone book is totally not available, booked out or has simply ceased to exist altogether. I’m eager to find out if that same phenomenon hits me next week. Cheerio!

  2. Jussuf says:

    Yeah I like the character development of this guy =)
    I hated him before as a black embodiment of EVIL, now he starts to shift towards that nice tone of grey, where all normal humans and unhumans are(should be).

    At least thats what those last slides with me tell me, maybe there will be twists on the road for this dude ? =)

    I cant w8 for the next episode !

  3. btw…

    does anyone notice that…THE SMOKE DOES NOT CHANGE 😉

    Bets on the SCPDCs decision are on…A or E…Sneaky´s anonimity depends on it.

    E is the most popular choice although an obvious one but A´s the one that blends in…tough time for you guys.

  4. Kapam says:

    We’ll manage. We’re used to making the hard decisions. 🙂

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